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According to latest surveys, [1] [2] the most used JavaScript frameworks are:. Other notable frameworks that are more AJAX specific, and not among the list of general purpose frameworks:. The Ruby on Rails framework used to implement a Domain-specific language named RJS, which can be used to write Ruby code that generates Javascript code.

The code generated by RJS was usually loaded using Ajax, e. It was replaced by jQuery as of Rails 3. Many of the Ruby on Rails Ajax-enabled helper methods used to work by using Prototype to perform an Ajax request in older versions of Rails.

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ZK: Ajax without the Javascript Framework

Java : Head First 2nd Edition. Head First Python 2e Head First.

How is it possible? Simply Java. In addition, with programs executed at the server, developers can leverage all the Java technologies, such as Java EE and Spring, while back-end data and services are readily available.

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Enterprise-level Security. With ZK all business logic is stored at the server meaning increased security for Enterprise applications. Innovative Technology.

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